Last Harvest

The last of my homegrown vegetables which I have now harvested as summer comes to an end and autumn brings in the cooler weather with its long dark evenings!

My last harvest of this year!

Courgettes that were started indoors from seed were planted out in May, after the last frosts were over. Although I provided them with support for them to climb on, they decided to do their own thing by rambling all over the grass. Not sure the support was even adequate, judging by their giant leaves!

Courgettes rambling with their rather large leaves and plenty of bright yellow flowers

Leaves and flowers were lots and plenty but I had only a handful of courgettes this year, the last of which is in the picture above. Next year, I will have to pay more attention in preparing the soil. Speaking to friends, I have found out that courgettes are hungry plants so I must provide lots of rich compost before planting them outdoors. A note to self for spring I think!

Baby courgette beginning to form on the other side of the flower

I also had some very late peppers from a plant my cousin Mahesh gave me. They were a lovely yellow colour and a real joy to harvest as I have never grown peppers before. I found them very easy to grow in the planter on my patio, and other than watering it in the summer heat there was not much else they needed. So thank you Mahesh for introducing me to these lovely peppers!

Beautiful yellow peppers that I have grown for the first time

That brings me to a point of celebrating the end of my homegrown summer vegetables in a rather luxurious omelette. I simply diced the courgette and the peppers and cooked them lightly in a little olive oil. The parsley from my raised bed was chopped ready for the eggs. While the vegetables were cooking I cracked the eggs, seasoned them and added the chopped parsley before whisking them. This egg mixture was then simply poured into the pan with the vegetables and left to cook till ready!

Tasty celebration of my last summer harvest!

Just a few homegrown ripe cherry tomatoes to add to the plate and we have a tasty slice of omelette filled homegrown summer vegetables. What a delicious treat!

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