Kitchen Garden Thriving

As the weather becomes warmer this spring, all the seedlings seem to have found their joy! Pak choi planted among the rows of onions in the raised bed suddenly have come to life, and needing watering everyday as they put on their healthy green leaves. Can’t wait to taste their fresh crunch in my stir fries …

Pak choi and onions are happy neighbours in the raised bed

Among the onions, the peas are also coming up beautifully, with their pretty tendrils reaching out to curl around anything that is nearby. I will have find them some small canes to support them, which I think is going to be my next job.

Pretty tendrils on the growing pea plants next to the onions

In the other raised bed, in amongst more onions, the dwarf beans are making their presence known with their characteristic leaves. The first sowing unfortunately did not germinate well due to the very cold temperatures that we experienced earlier this spring. This second wave of sowing seems to be more successful, and as they say if it doesn’t work once, try again and don’t give up!

Dwarf beans have germinated!

As you can see, my raised beds need netting to protect them from unwelcome visitors like the squirrels, birds and even the neighbouring cats. Needless to say of course, the onions which I am trying for the first time are doing very well.

Now the seed potatoes that I planted earlier this spring in bags and a small bucket have simply gone for it! They have grown leaps and bounds and apart from watering them twice or thrice in a week they have needed no attention from me.

Potato bags of the green kind!

…and just when I wasn’t looking, the tomato plants have produced their beautiful little yellow flowers. Speaking of tomato plants, this weekend has seen me sharing all my extra plants with friends, neighbours and family. These and all the spare chilli plants have found new homes now; we just need lots of this warm weather front and we will be in for some great harvests!

Little flowers on the tomato plants

It is very rewarding to see that the chilli plants are finally taking off as the temperatures are rising; they have been in the unheated greenhouse for the past few weeks but hadn’t shown much growth till now.

Chilli plants are taking off now

The radishes have been growing so quickly that they are ready to pick and don’t they make a fine bunch. Tasty with a lovely fresh crunch that you cannot get in shop bought ones. Definitely worth the effort!

Fresh bunch of radishes

Is that temptation enough …

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