Growing Kale

I was truly inspired by my young nephew … and so I have bought some beautiful green and purple kale seedlings from a garden centre in Milton Keynes. For good measure I have added some leek and purple sprouting brocolli seedlings too as all these will be ready to harvest over the winter months. I am hopeful at this stage and my husband has built another larger raised bed to accomodate these extra plants. I have mixed some topsoil, manure and grit to provide a favourable start for these seedlings.

Purple and green kale seedlings

I have interplanted the leeks within the the two types of kale and sprouting brocolli as it may be a good use of the space but also being from the onion family, keep bugs away.


In the smaller raised bed where I had grown dwarf beans in summer (so tasty!), I have now planted more of the chard and spinach seedlings as I want to see if they’ll crop easily in the colder months…and some more leeks.


Here’s hoping for some greens this winter for the first time so fingers crossed!!

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