Herbs In My Garden

This summer I have herbs growing everywhere I look … in the raised beds, pots and planters! I am particularly excited by the ones I have grown from seed this year. I planted basil seeds in early spring on my window sill. Once they grew their true leaves, which pop up after the first two baby leaves, I transplanted the little seedlings into pots so that they would have more room to grow.

Basil seedlings transplanted into pots

After this, they just seemed to come into a life of their own basking in the sunshine on my kitchen window sill!

Basil enjoying the sunshine on my kitchen window sill

As the weather grew warmer I decided that it was time for them to move into the planters on my patio.

Basil thriving in planters on my patio now!

I also planted parsley, thyme and tarragon from seed this year in recycled tubs, which had a few holes made in the bottom for water drainage. The little seedlings popped up without needing much attention and lived on the kitchen window sill till the warmer days began.

Parsley, thyme and tarragon growing from seed on my kitchen window sill

The parsley and tarragon are now happily growing next to each other in the raised bed where they were transplanted in early summer.

Parsley and tarragon transplanted on the left in this raised bed.

As thyme needs more drained soil to grow in, I have added some grit to the compost in their pots before I transplanted them. They are happy outdoors on my patio and it’s impressive that all these herbs can be grown from seeds!

Thyme transplanted into pots with added grit to their compost

Herbs are invaluable for flavouring your meals very easily especially in summer. My friend Jeanette loves her sage, rosemary and mint. So as a gift, I took cuttings of sage and rosemary and have grown these into young plants for her. Mint is very, very easy to grow as you simply lift the plants and divide them through the roots. Mint should ideally be grown in a pot or planter so that it is contained otherwise it can easily takeover a garden!

Sage, rosemary and mint grown as a gift for my friend Jeanette

Why not have a go at growing your favourite herb this summer, the result is so flavourful!

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