Harvesting this Summer

My kitchen garden is thriving as the summer heat continues this year. Chillies are doing their thing and harvests have been bountiful!

More than just a handful of chillies

The cobra beans have grown so much that I can’t reach the topmost point of their bamboo wigwam. Of course there is a proud showcase of beautiful purple flowers and these have been quickly followed by an endless stream of beans.

Lots of cobra beans on the wigwam of intertwining plants

When I say lots, I do mean a whole heap which I am sure my family will appreciate more in the winter when we miss our garden! All the surplus will be washed, dried and frozen ready for another day. At this time of the year, I find that the garden tends to produce a lot more than we can eat and so preserving is a quick fix to keep up with the almost consistently large harvests.

Heaps of beans heading for the kitchen

Sungold cherry tomatoes are heavenly, especially just picked from the plant on a warm summer evening. If you have never grown cherry tomatoes, this is one to try. So delicious, tastes like warm honey and simply melts in your mouth! These are happily enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sunshine against the brick kitchen wall.

Sungold cherry tomatoes … disappearing soon after the photograph was taken!

This is my first year growing onions and I am so pleased with their progress. I planted rows of little onion sets in early spring in the raised beds and as they have been magnificent. No whisper of any attention seeking behaviour! Their foliage is now drooping and I am told they will soon be ready for harvesting. Of course me being me … I have already started cooking with some of the larger onions and I can truly declare that these are so sweet and when sauteed, make the base for the tastiest sauces. Definitely on my list for growing again.

Onions peeping out, almost ready …

This year, I planted the cucumber seeds late in spring and so they have a little catching up to do. They are finding their way up and through the string maze and I am hoping that it will not be too long for the cucumbers to appear – if you look closely you can already see the little pale yellow flowers just popping through!

Cucumber plants reaching up through the string support

Definitely a hot summer so far and the kitchen garden is absolutely thriving, just the small case of watering everyday which doesn’t feel like a chore when there is a such a promise of bountiful harvests! Wouldn’t you like to reach out for a handful of fresh vegetables from your garden or balcony?

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