Harvesting Onions and Potatoes

Onions and potatoes are two of the easiest and undemanding vegetables to grow, even in a small space. I had great success last year with potatoes and so it was certain that they were going to feature in my garden this season. Onions are new to me and I have been inspired to grow them after tasting some homegrown ones that a friend gave us last autumn.

I bought onion sets which are sold in small bags and they look more like individual garlic cloves. I followed the instructions on the bag which told me to plant these out in spring in my raised beds with the little ‘tail’ of the set peeping out and water them in. It wasn’t long before the green shoots showed themselves to my delight!

Pretty green onion shoots in early spring

All that was required from me was regular watering. I planted them in rows of two with beans, beetroot and pak choi in between. They have been growing beautifully and of course, I have been pulling some out to cook with. Come on, who can resist the these beauties especially with the tops being so green that I have been able to add them to salads and as a garnish to so many dishes!

Happily growing in the raised beds

The green tops started flopping a few weeks ago and as I understand from friends that this is a sign that the onions will be ready soon for lifting. Once the ‘neck’ of the onion has bent, harvesting could begin, yay!

The beauty of growing onions in a raised bed is that you never have to exert a lot of effort to lift them. With a hand fork, you can easily prise them out of the soil, taking care not to damage them.

Lifting the onions with a hand fork

They are all now drying in the shed on a wire rack till the tops have turned brown so that they can be stored. My own harvest of onions, so exciting!

Onions drying now in the cool dry shed

With the success of last year’s home grown potatoes, I am growing them again in the same reusable potato bags.

Potatoes thriving in the reusable potato bags

Once the plants flower, you can start harvesting potatoes. As you can see in the picture below, the potatoes are just beneath the plants.

Potatoes underneath the stems of the plants

Growing them in bags makes harvesting so much easier as you just tip the bag into a wheel barrow and start the treasure hunt for these lovely white potatoes. Big, small and misshapen,  they will all be delicious!

Tipping out the bag into a wheelbarrow to catch the potatoes
My white potato harvest

Try these two very easy and simple to grow vegetables for a tasty addition to your meals!

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