Hardy in January Frost

I had thought that the frosty spells over Christmas were bad, but this January has seen some very hard hitting frost and fog. In a small kitchen garden where not much is florishing over winter, it gives me a lot of hope when I see the kale and sprouting broccoli soldiering on as the frost sets overnight and reluctantly thaws by the end of the afternoon. Kale and sprouting broccoli are certainly winter hardy!

Frosty Sprouting Broccoli and Kale

I planted the kale and sprouting broccoli in early autumn from seedlings I bought from the garden centre. I have had some substantial harvests of green and purple kale largely due to the warm sunshine during late autumn and early winter.

Kale and Sprouting Broccoli in early Autumn

One herb that has braved the cold this winter is my sage, wonderful in flavour especially in the butternut squash soup that I make …so heart-warming!

My Winter Herb Sage
Butternut Squash Soup with Sage and Apple Croutons

I am now looking forward to the broccoli which sprouts in early spring and need I also say some warmth in the weather would be very welcome!

Hoping for some Sprouting Broccoli this Spring

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