Growing So Beautifully

After a very reluctant start to spring, we are enjoying warm sunny days and the plants in the garden certainly seem to have sensed this change! My kitchen garden is thriving and the little seedlings of yesterday have taken off brilliantly, let me show you around.

This is the first time I have sown pak choi seeds and a few weeks later after some thinning, what can I say! Very undemanding as far as greens go and a good one to start with especially if you love this crunchy sweet vegetable.

Harvesting pak choi fresh from my raised bed

The soya beans seem to be racing up the web of strings that I have weaved in no particular pattern I must admit, I just went with the flow! They are still looking spindly but we will just watch this space and hope they feel stronger soon.

Soya beans having a race to see who’s up first!

Broadbeans are looking majestic as ever and I now have to create another one of my unique string webs to provide support for them …not sure how much I will need to offer as they seem pretty sturdy at the moment.

Broadbeans looking majestic as ever

Potatoes are doing their thing! Looking so lush now that I have topped up the final layer of soil. The sunshine and rain certainly seems to have given them a huge helping hand. Wonder how many potatoes are forming underneath with those beautiful green leaves above!

Potato plants growing in bags looking so lush after the rain and sunshine

Sadly, still struggling are my dwarf beans this year which had a great start indoors but seem to be finding life in the raised bed a challenge this year! I had such a great bean crop last year so feel a little puzzled this season.

Dwarf beans struggling this year in the raised bed

Ending my tour however on a more positive and colourful note, look at the waves of lilac I have this season from the beautiful chive flowers! These are growing in my borders with the rest of the garden shrubs but I also have them in small pots which I have been shuffling around the patio planters and the raised beds to encourage bees to navigate my whole garden!

Chives in bloom filling my garden with lilac waves this month

Summer is finally here, isn’t it?

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