Growing Potatoes

Potato growing is especially fun when you have little children as I found out when mine were younger! We used to take one that showed a little sprouting, plant it in a tub and watch it grow. A few months later we would empty the tub and there would be all these little potatoes that are a sheer delight to any young child (and dare I say any enthusiastic adult)! These harvested potatoes would be the highlight for the next couple of meals.

I have not grown potatoes seriously before so when Phil, a friend of mine asked me whether I would like to try, I said why not! As I understand seed potatoes need to be chitted, which means to sprout potatoes by keeping them in a cool place where there is light. Well, Phil had already chitted some Charlotte potatoes and gave a me a few to plant in my garden.

Chitted (sprouted) seed potatoes ready for planting

My raised beds wouldn’t be ideal as they are too shallow so I decided to buy reusable potato bags which would give the potatoes plenty of room to grow and develop. I have found out that you only fill a third of the bags with compost to plant your seed potatoes, cover them with a light layer of compost and then water them. After a week or so, once the leaves are peeping through, more compost is layered on, and this goes on till the bag is filled to the top. What is brilliant is that this allows the potatoes to form right from the bottom layer of the bag! Let’s see how this pans out as I plant my seed potatoes and cover them with the first layer of compost!

Bags for planting potatoes and can be reused every year

Can’t wait for the potato leaves to pop through as I have a second helping of compost ready for them!

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