Mung Bean Sprouts – Grow Your Own An easy way to growing your own bean sprouts at home

Mung bean sprouts are very easy to grow at home as they take very little effort. I grow these mung bean sprouts all year round as they are a family favourite. It takes 3 to 4 days to sprout and do their thing! Most Asian grocery shops, supermarkets health food shops and online companies sell mung beans, so they are easily available. My friend Sarah loves mung bean sprouts but has never grown them, so I have decided to share how I do this at home.

How to Grow Your Own Mung Bean Sprouts

Day 1 Soaking

First I take a cup of raw mung beans which will produce 4 cups of sprouted beans. Then give them a few rinses with cold water to clean them of any residual dirt.

Cup of raw mung beans in a bowl
Raw mung beans
Rinsing the mung beans in water
Rinsing the mung beans in water

Once the mung beans are clean, I soak them in water that has been boiled and cooled. I have found that cooled boiled water works better for my mung beans to sprout. I am not sure why, perhaps it boils off the chlorine or some of the calcium as I live in an area that has hard water.

Add cooled boiled water to soak

After adding the water, I cover the dish and leave the mung beans to soak overnight. The dish lives on my kitchen counter top at room temperature.

Mung beans soaking overnight

Day 2 Rinse, Drain and Keep

Rinsing soaked mung beans using a sieve in clean water
Rinsing the soaked mung beans

The next day, I rinse the soaked beans and let them drain. After they have drained for a few minutes, I then place them back into the bowl and cover with a plate (no more water needed now).

Day 3 Roots popping

The next day, the beans will have split their green skins where they have begun to grow their little white roots. They can be eaten at this stage but I like to leave them a day longer in the same bowl.

Mung bean sprouts after soaking and leaving for a day

Day 4 Roots Growing

After only one more day the roots have grown even longer! This is the stage I get my mung bean sprouts to grow to before cooking them.

Homegrown mung bean sprouts
Mung bean sprouts after one more day of growth

Before steaming or cooking these sprouts, I like to rinse them in cold water. Growing your mung bean sprouts is very easy and takes very little effort. Follow these steps and you can enjoy your own homegrown mung bean sprouts.

These mung bean sprouts can be kept in the fridge for another day or so before cooking them. I love cooking these mung bean sprouts with spices and some onion, till they are tender and soft. Yum!

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