Basil Cuttings Growing basil easily at home

Sweet basil cuttings are a very easy way to propagate this herb if you have a plant already. Earlier this year in spring, I started basil from seeds. Summer saw lots of basil harvests, which meant a lot of fresh home-made pesto. Together with homegrown tomatoes, basil pesto has been simply delicious on ciabatta!

So many handfuls of basil harvested over summer
Basil pesto with chopped homegrown tomatoes on ciabatta

Now that autumn has set in, I am looking at prolonging the basil by taking some cuttings. Growing basil from cuttings is easy as the sprigs tend to root very easily in water. I placed some of these basil cuttings in a glass of water on my kitchen windowsill. I then changed the water every 3-4 days to freshen it. In a week there were already signs of little roots which have since grown very quickly.

Growing basil from cuttings is easy by leaving them in water

So now that the roots are looking beautiful, I am going to pot up the basil cutting. Here I am using a recycled plastic pot in which I have made a few holes at the bottom. This will allow any extra water to drain out easily so that the basil cutting can grow properly.

As you can see that while I was making the holes, I have cracked the plastic bottom. This should not matter as water can still drain out easily. You will need a couple of handfuls of general compost to fill the pot a third of the way up. Then place the rooted cutting in the pot before topping up with the rest of the compost around it.

Fill the container with some compost
Place the rooted cutting in the centre on top of the compost
Fill around the cutting with the rest of the compost

Once planted, water the new plant and place on a window sill. As you can see the lid of the plastic pot is at the bottom of the pot to catch any water draining out.

A new basil plant for autumn!

So if you have a summer basil plant and would like to prolong its fragrance right through autumn, have a go with basil cuttings!

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