Greens in Spring

The warmer touch to the weather this March is certainly doing its magic on the green and purple kale that I planted in late summer last year. I had always felt that not much could be grown in the winter months, especially without a greenhouse. So I bought kale, purple sprouting broccoli and leek seedlings from a garden centre after deciding to try my hand for the first time at some winter vegetables in a raised bed.

Green and puple kale with purple sprouting broccoli in the middle planted last year in late summer

I am grateful that the raised bed was covered with a net because it has helped to prevent the pigeons as well as the squirrels that regularly visit my garden from damaging the plants.

Net to prevent the pigeons and squirrels from damaging the plants

I am so impressed to see the kale plants flourishing after the hard frosts of winter which they have bravely survived!  Also, though I did have a few caterpillars on some of the leaves in autumn, simply picking them off seems to have done the trick as I have had no problems since.

Green kale next to the sprouting broccoli

The purple sprouting broccoli are all now flowering and have grown so much in size, it’s amazing. Cannot wait to taste them!

Purple sprouting broccoli

I planted leek seedlings in between the kale and purple sprouting broccoli in late summer and these have also survived the winter and grown in size. I am hoping they will become a little chunkier in the next few weeks.

Leeks coming on beautifully

Now to just look forward to some tasty dishes that I can cook with these fresh crispy vegetables that I am hoping to harvest in the next few days!!


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