Green manure over winter – feed your soil

green grass like plants growing in amongst some plants with rounded leaves in a wooden bed

Over this winter, I have been growing green manure. Green manure are plants that enrich the soil that they are growing in. So instead of leaving growing areas bare in winter where you could easily get weeds, you could grow these plants.

After they have been growing for a few months, you can chop them down and leave them to form mulch. Once they have wilted and started decomposing, you can dig it all into the soil. In this way, not only will the green manure plants put the nutrients back but also act as weed control.

My over winter green manure plants

I bought a packet of seeds of a mixture of two types of green manure plants, namely rye and vetch. Once I had harvested all the onions and chillies in late autumn, I sowed these seeds in two of my raised beds. You can read about this in my October Green Manure post.

rye vetch seeds green manure over winter_grow-with-hema
Rye and vetch seeds that I sowed in autumn

They grew well over the winter months and really undemanding. As spring is nearing, I decided to cut it down in mid February.

rye vetch green manure over winter_grow-with-hema
Rye and vetch happily growing in the raised bed over winter
 green manure over winter mulch in raised bed_grow-with-hema
Cut green manure left to wilt on top as mulch

This was a very simple task with my pair of pruners. I left all the chopped parts of the plants on top the raised beds and have now covered them with a plastic sheet. This will help the green manure to decompose quickly.

I am looking forward to digging it all in, in a few weeks in preparation for the spring sowing. There have been no weeds in these two beds. In addition, the soil in these beds will have more nutrients to offer.

Green manure options

It is not only over winter that you can plant green manure. You can also sow green manure during the rest of the year too. If you have a bare patch in your garden, you can sow these seeds and your soil will benefit from it. Simply sow as directed on the packet and then cut the plants down before they flower. You can then leave them as mulch on the surface or lightly fork them in.

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