Flowers in My Garden

Flowers in a garden are almost a given in summer but they are even more special when you have planted the seeds yourself! I mentioned earlier this spring that I was going to try planting nasturtiums to prevent pests from my peas and beans. Well, the nasturtium seeds were planted straight into the corners of the raised beds and have germinated and grown so easily. They seem to be very happy neighbours to the cobra beans, peas and broadbeans!

Nasurtiums living happily in the raised bed with Cobra beans, peas and broad beans

So pretty are the leaves and flowers, both fashionably edible in a summer salad. Imagine serving a salad with these beautiful homegrown edibles to your friends and family!

Nasturtium flower, both gorgeous and edible!

One of my favourite summer flowers is the marigold and these were started off from seeds that I got from my summer holiday last year! I planted the seeds in recycled tubs and they happily germinated indoors. These seedlings were kept outdoors for a week or so till the frosty nights were over.

Marigold seedlings from seeds planted in these recycled tubs

As you know I love my clay pots, so I decided that as soon as the daffodils died down (the bulbs are still underneath), to plant the marigold seedlings …hopefully the slugs don’t find them! The marigolds are simply blooming and seem to be enjoying all the hot weather we have been having. We may be melting in this heat but these flowers seem to be lapping up all the sunshine!

Now this is a different story, I was given a seed packet for Godetia flowers last year by a friend and did not realise when I planted the seeds that the result would be what I could only describe as a mass of dainty tissue blooms in a variety of shades of pink, so very exquisite. This year, they seem to have self seeded and the seedlings simply popped up in spring, much to my delight!

Pretty pink Godetia flowers with a dainty tissue texture

In amongst the pink are the robust seedlings of Zinnia and must encourage you to have a go at growing. Zinnias are brilliant for beginners and a favourite of experienced gardeners as the plants and flowers are sturdy, long lasting and beautiful!

No matter which flowers you choose to plant, they are sure to brighten up your garden, balcony or window box this summer!

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