Easy Flowers for Summer

As spring comes nearer, I am considering all the flowers that brought beautiful splashes of colour to my garden last year. More importantly, these blooms were a real attraction for the bees and butterflies.

Beautiful lilac blooms of chives attracting bees

Spring saw chives spring to life and as the weather became warmer, the garden was soon dotted with lilac blooms. Chives are a great herb to plant in your garden as its light onion flavour makes it very versatile to use in the kitchen. Once planted, it will thrive in a sunny or semi-shaded area and is completely undemanding. It dies down in winter but will come to life in spring again.

Zinnias are another favourite in my garden in summer and so robust in character. The blooms last for weeks and a sunny spot with regular watering is all they need. In the picture below, you can see the a yellow zinnia flower. You can buy them as plants from a garden centre but they are easily grown from a packet of seeds too.

The very pretty pink frills above belong to the Godetia. These were a real surprise as they have the tiniest seeds but so easily grown in a pot or in your borders. Their delicate petals have a tissue-like texture which seem to be carefully painted with watercolours, simply exquisite! To my delight, they also self-seed which means wherever the seeds from their seedpods have fallen, there will be new plants the following spring. Really one to try if you’re considering an easy option.

Last year, I grew poppies for the first time and what beauties they were in the summer! Simply sprinkled their seeds from a packet onto some soil in the garden and very, very undemanding. With the sunnier days came the vivid red blooms of poppies!

Bees in their element in summer!

The star of the show in my vegetable garden were the nasturtiums! Planted as companions to the beans in the raised beds, they were a real success throughout summer. I planted these as seeds in spring in the beds and they made themselves very comfortable here. A splash of water when they were small seedlings and off they went. An easy one to grow especially if you have young children who are beginning their journey in gardening …edible flowers and leaves too!

Nasturtiums in the raised bed in the summer

So which flowers will be bringing colour to your garden this summer?

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