Days Out …

Seedlings have all seemed to have sensed spring as they have shown a great growth spurt! Suddenly it seems that we are surrounded by all the green and the family is having to negotiate their way as they go in and out of the back door. The seedlings are taking over a lot of space in this room which receives so much of the spring sunshine.

Seedlings waiting at the back door till the danger of frost is over

They are all having their days out to be hardened off so that they become strong enough to be planted out soon. It requires a lot of shifting and adjusting as the seedlings are carefully placed on the garden table outside to feel the breeze and catch the precious rays of sunshine when they can! The nights are still quite chilly with the danger of light frost imminent so the seedlings all have to make their way back to the safety of the indoors again.

Seedlings all being moved outside in the daytime

The cucumber seedlings are putting on more of a presence now and look happier in the sun.

Cucumbers are fluorishing now

The courgette seedlings are looking quite spectacular as their characteristic leaves are demanding more space by the week. I will definitely have to plant these away from the other vegetables to avoid them overshadowing the rest of the plants!

Courgette seedlings with their rather large leaves needing more room already

Coming up nicely are the handful of okra seeds that I planted not so long ago, which have the prettiest leaves and looking so prim and proper when placed next to the lavishing courgette seedlings!

Pretty okra seedlings catching some sunshine

Now the basil families, they are doing ever so well. The tiny seedlings have now been transplanted into larger pots and they seem to be loving their extra space and change in compost. The Thai basil is coming up leaps and bounds and the seedlings are surprisingly robust. Can’t wait to taste it!

Basil seedlings now all transplanted to give them more room to grow

As my friend Sharon and I always marvel at the characteristic leaves of basil that have now appeared, “Oh they look like basil now!” Isn’t that the magic of gardening?

Basil and its characteristic true leaves

The soya bean seedlings are slightly more spindly than expected and not sure how long I am going to be able to contain them! They really want to be planted outside at the first sign of frost free nights.

Soya bean seedlings are so spindly now

It’s also time to do something about the leggy seedlings of chard and spinach!

Chard and spinach seedlings now need to be transplanted

I think my next job is going to be transplanting these seedlings, now to settle down with some pots and compost …!


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  1. Very inspiring. I have some courgettes, beetroot, peas and toms in module trays that I will be transplanting this weekend too.

  2. Wow we have done okra this year also and can’t wait to see how they come out

    1. That’s great Mita, hope they do well!

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