Cobra and Dwarf Beans

In the middle of summer with all the days and nights of rain we’ve been having, there are green pickings ready for my kitchen …beans, beans and more beans!! Cobra beans have been racing up the very crude support made for them from bamboo canes and some string.

Beautiful Cobra beans at the top of the wigwam of support

They don’t seem to have minded the haphazard pattern of strings and this is the beauty of gardening where you don’t have to be an expert, just having a go is a great way to start and learn as the seasons pass by!

There are beans from the bottom to the top of the plants

Lots of cobra beans ready for harvest and it’s only when you step back do you realise how many were ready for picking, certainly wasn’t expecting a whole bowl on this first occasion.

The first bowlful of Cobra beans heading straight to my kitchen!

The dwarf beans are now also flourishing in the raised bed showing off their deep green foliage.

Dwarf beans looking so lush in the raised bed where they were planted from seed in spring

If you crouch down low enough, you can see the pretty flowers and very close by the beans peeping through the large leaves!

Flowers and beans peeping through the leaves

Must go back to fetch another bowl as I think I’m going to need one …!

Lots of dwarf beans ready for picking!

Now it may seem like all plain sailing but both the Cobra and dwarf beans which I planted from seed indoors in early spring did not do well when they were later hardened off and planted outside. Not quite sure why because I had no problems last year. Not one to dwell on things, I planted the seeds for both varieties outside in the raised beds and they have thrived as you can see in the pictures above bearing lots of beans this summer.

So not everything always goes to plan in gardening and if plants don’t thrive, we can always start again. It’s so important not to lose hope and try again … as my beans have shown us this year!

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