New London Gardeners

This summer has seen new gardeners in inner London who have discovered their green fingers by growing their own herbs, vegetables and tomatoes! Space is always at a premium in the city but this has not curbed their enthusiasm. With my spare young plants and a little guidance, they have enjoyed gardening so allow me to show you their edible gardens …

My friend Yuga lives in a flat which has no outdoor space.  There is only a windowsill where there is sufficient light and fresh air to site her plants. After potting these plants up for Yuga, she has successfully grown basil, mint, chives and chillies on this windowsill. A little goes a long way when it comes to fresh herbs which easily bring a dish to life or helps to make a refreshing cup of mint tea!

An inner London windowsill garden

Sarah and Sam also live in inner London and are fortunate to have a small balcony that receives sunshine in the morning. They gathered a few empty wine boxes which they filled with compost to house all the young plants that travelled from my garden to their balcony.

Cucumber, courgette and sunflowers were all planted up in early summer, with support given to the plants with canes.

I love their idea of growing chillies in a hanging basket with the fuschia, a great idea of mixing the floral with the edibles! Think I might borrow this idea for next summer.

Chillies growing with the fuschia flowers in a hanging basket

Mint and chives also joined the vegetables in smaller wine boxes and looking very picturesque sitting on the sill of the balcony!

Summer saw Sam and Sarah harvesting fresh courgettes, cucumbers and of course the Sungold cherry tomatoes, all at a hand’s reach …

Courgette with more on the way!
Balcony cucumbers this summer!
Did I say Sungold cherry tomatoes … delicious!

These are simple and easy ways to begin growing your own herbs and vegetables. Even in small spaces, my friends living in inner London have shown it can be done and have enjoyed fresh herbs and vegetables! Are you ready to begin your gardening journey?

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