Chilli Seedlings

baby leaves of germinated chilli seedlings

Indoor planting in winter does have exciting moments especially when you see the the first green baby leaves from the chilli seeds planted less than two weeks ago! The seed trays were covered with  a plastic cover to conserve the moisture and warmth, and for this I placed the trays near the boiler in my kitchen. I’m so pleased that this was sufficient for my chilli seeds to germinate and did not require an electric propagator (which I don’t have)!

Chilli seedlings enjoying a little rare winter sunshine!

Now that the chilli seeds have all germinated proudly showing off their baby leaves, I have moved the trays closer to the back door where they will be able to get a lot more light for their next part of the journey!

Last summer, I tried my hand at growing chillies for the first time and I was not disappointed. I found that chillies tend to be robust plants in that they do not need any pampering. Some compost, regular watering and a location in a sunny part of your garden or balcony is all that these plants require.

Chilli plants growing in wooden planters on my sunny patio

Some chilli seedlings were transplanted into wooden planters on my patio to make the most of the afternoon sun. As you can see, I added some tomato seedlings too as they also need a lot of sunshine to thrive.

Gorgeous collection of Ring of Fire chillies in summer
Jalapenos happy in flower pots

Patio planters or in pots as the jalapenos were, there were soon chillies everywhere, last summer was hot in ways more than one!

Bountiful harvests of chillies

So here I am in wintry February dreaming of everything that the warmer weather will soon bring. Oh the anticipation …won’t you join me?  Just a few seeds, a little compost in a warm place in your house and you may just be surprised!

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