Beetroot: Surprisingly Huge!

I planted beetroot seeds this spring in the raised bed and they grew beautifully through the warmer months. Once the seedlings had germinated, they only needed regular watering and a little thinning. This means that seedlings that are too close to each other needed to be removed. So the thinning allowed the remaining seedlings space to grow well.

Young beetroot growing happily next to the onions
Lots of beetroot leaves hiding the beetroot

Summer harvests from my kitchen garden included beautiful beetroots. However, I did leave a few behind and did not get to pull them out till last week. Was I in for a surprise as I did not know that beetroot could get so large. It was very easy to harvest and nothing like the effort made in the children’s story The Enormous Turnip where they pulled and pulled (as my daughter kept joking!).

Huge beetroot this autumn!

Of course I had to weigh it and it came to an unbelievable 2.45kg, becoming the heaviest vegetable I have grown so far in my kitchen garden. Not even intentionally! I did wonder though whether it was still edible or would it have become too ‘woody’ to eat.

Only one way to find out and so I washed and cut the leafy top and roots off. Slicing it in half was a doddle which was a another surprise! Pretty striations inside and the colour a deep burgundy … a simple pleasure of growing your own, trust me.

Very large beetroot but easy to cut into!

Now what to do with all that beetroot … I love it roasted so I diced it and popped it in the oven in a tray at 200c for 25 mins. I drizzled a little olive oil, a light sprinkle of seasoning and nothing else before roasting.

Roasted beetroot … delicious!

So tasty when it is this fresh and tender, plus so much to share too. A very happy memory that will stay with me for a long time!

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