Beetroot and Pak Choi

This year I planted beetroot and pak choi for the first time and was so surprised that they were so easy to grow. I started by planting seeds straight into my raised beds in spring. Then as they germinated and grew, it was a case of thinning the seedlings, which means removing weaker seedlings to give more room for the stronger ones to develop well. Watering when it didn’t rain was all that was needed after this.

Summer saw a bumper harvest of beetroot, with such a memorable sweetness!

Summer harvest of homegrown beetroot

Similarly, my pak choi harvest was so impressive in early summer as it’s very hard to beat the fresh crunch of this very tasty vegetable!

Pak choi in early summer

Now, I can’t wait for summer next year so I have decided to grow beetroot and pak choi in pots in this cooler season. I am not sure how they will fare, but fingers crossed.

I have planted the seeds in pots and these will be stationed on my sunnier patio.

Tiny little leaves of the baby beetroot seedlings

From the clumps, I removed some weaker seedlings so that each strong one could have the room to grow well.

Beetroot seedlings thinned out as they grew bigger

As autumn ends, the beetroot plants are showing off their characteristic deep burgundy colour. So beautiful in the sunshine .. which is so much cooler than the picture suggests!

Beautiful foliage of beetroot plants in the chilly sunshine as autumn ends

Pak choi seeds were similarly planted in a pot on the patio and pretty little clumps emerged within a couple of weeks at the end of summer.

Pretty pak choi seedlings emerged in late summer

Pak choi seedlings were then thinned to provide space for the remaining plants to grow and develop.

Thinned pak choi seedlings
Young pak choi and beetroot plants in the cool sunshine

Hoping these will thrive even with the cooler weather and the hard frosts, only time will tell …

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