Bountiful beans and ….

How wonderful to see the young beans peeping from under the green foliage! Even better when you lift the leaves to find that there are more hiding that you wouldn’t have even guessed were waiting for you.

Feels very special to harvest the first beans which I have lightly steamed today for a few minutes and they taste great! You may prefer to add a liitle seasoning and olive oil or butter.

The plant I am struggling with and slightly regretful planting it in the raised bed is the courgette!


There is only one courgette plant but it seems to have taken over half of the bed, especially as its leaves are gigantic compared to the other vegetables and herbs near it. I have resorted to cutting some of the larger, more mature leaves to bring in more light to the suffering neighbouring plants. Not sure if this is going to affect the yield, but I will just have to wait and see.

The courgette and cucumber seedlings were given to me by Phil, a friend who enjoys growing vegetables. I had swapped spare seedlings of dwarf beans and butternut squash for these. I have planted the cucumber right next to the courgette, and will just have to see how it fares.

The parsely has done very well and lovely to pick for my falafel which have very quickly become a family favourite this year!


Basil is faring much better now, possibly as the weather has become warmer …didn’t say sunnier, but the climate feels muggier with the rains which have never been far this ‘summer’!

Spinach and swiss chard have been stars and I am truly impressed with the yield of fresh salad leaves they have both produced.


If you are starting out in the kitchen garden or you have limited space, may I suggest these two soldiers as they do not need a lot of attention apart from making sure they are well watered. Perpetual spinach and Chard (rhubarb chard – vulcan) …brilliant performers!

Please be aware that it is not the leaves of rhubarb but a variety of Chard which has red stems.


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