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I have decided to try some autumn growing vegetables in my unheated greenhouse. A cool porch may be ideal too. I have chosen to plant these vegetables from seed as they all love growing in cooler temperatures:

  • kale
  • peas
  • lettuce and chard
  • radishes
  • spring onions
  • pak choi

My Greenhouse

This is my first year of using my greenhouse. So this is an attempt to extend the growing season by making the most of this empty protected space. I am just as excited now as I was in spring when I first introduced my tomato and chilli seedlings to a brand new greenhouse. Little did I know that summer this year was going to be so hot that all these tomato and chilli seedlings would have to migrate to my patio!

My Autumn Planting

At the beginning of October, I planted seeds in a variety of clean containers and planters. I filled them all with some general compost, sowed the seeds according to the instructions on the packet and then watered them. In a couple of weeks, up popped little green shoots!

Kale seedlings
Pak choi seedlings
Chard in the top corner with lettuce seedlings in the front
Peas inter-planted with radishes

I decided to plants alternating rows of peas with radishes in one larger planter. This is because radishes grow much quicker and they will be harvested before the peas need the extra space. As you can see in the picture below, both vegetables have become lush in the planter within a few weeks.

Peas growing happily in alternating rows with radishes

In just over 4 weeks, my radishes are ready to be harvested! Radishes are one of the quickest vegetables to grow. This makes them ideal for children to try growing or the more impatient adults!

Ready to be harvested!

A month later and the kale seedlings have also grown.

Young kale plants

Spring onions shoots appeared the last. I had almost given up when I saw some tiny green shoots. A couple of weeks on and they are growing beautifully. Spring onion seedlings have this wonderful crook, and I cannot wait for them to straighten up!

Spring onion seedlings

Suggestions for you:

If you have a cool porch which does get frost or an unheated greenhouse, why not give some of these greens a try!

You will need some compost, clean containers which have drainage holes in the bottom and seeds.

Happy planting!

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