Almost Ready for the Outdoors

It only seems yesterday when I planted my first seeds of the year and my seedlings are nearly grown up to move to the outdoors! Spring is a wonderful season of hope and my young seedlings are proof enough. So let me show you round …

Courgette seedlings have done very well and are now showing off their own true leaves and their characteristic lopsided nature!

Courgette looking so lush!

Cucumbers are also growing their deep green frilly leaves and are looking very healthy indeed.

Cucumber showing its own true leaves now

Putting on some great height are the soya beans now and I’ve had to place a wooden skewer (yes, that’s all I could find at the moment!) in the middle to support their long stems.

Soya beans growing quite tall

The chilli seedlings have now been transplanted into their own pots and seem a lot more at home on the window sill, basking in the sunshine in the afternoons!

Chilli plants all in their own pots now

Both basil and Thai basil are doing brilliantly and you can see their true leaves just peeping through ..these will be transplanted soon as they seem to be now too crowded in their communal pots.

Both basils showing great promise

Tomato plants have now put on beautiful growth and they are all now boasting of living in their own pots ..and pretty happy by the looks of it. To think that they were so ridiculously lanky not so long ago!

Tomato seedlings are now all transplanted into their own pots

Last year, I planted butternut squash and the plants grew so well with lots of flowers in summer but no fruit at all! This year I am going to try again and have planted a few more seeds which have germinated beautifully. As I have been advised by friends, I am going to add lots of compost before I plant these seedlings outside to add richness to the very heavy clay in my garden. Hopefully this will do the trick!

Butternut squash baby seedlings

The beans are growing so rapidly that they are outside catching a little breeze and some sunshine so that they become hardened to be planted in the raised beds soon. I am still bringing these plants indoors as the nights are still a little on the chilly side.

Dwarf and Cobra beans getting ready for the outdoors

Isn’t it almost summer?

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