All In A Queue Now

The days are becoming brighter and warmer and the queue of young seedlings is getting longer if not crowded! It feels like just the other day when I spotted the first peek of green after having planted my seeds for a variety of vegetables. Little did I realise that this was going to cause an ever-growing audience (sorry for the pun..) near the back door!

Seedlings anticipating their journey to the outdoors

The cobra beans on the right are seemingly in the most hurry as they are growing at an alarming pace …may need to be sown in the raised bed very soon (yikes, I haven’t prepared them yet!). Their companions next door, the dwarf beans are more relaxed and have shown very good growth since their first baby leaves. As you can see, they all face the sunlight and have to be turned twice a day so that they become stronger without becoming lopsided!

The okra seedlings in the middle are looking very pretty with their lovely frilled round leaves announcing their presence in amongst all the young greens here. I’m really hoping these will flower and fruit this summer as last year they were overshadowed by the large courgette leaves and seemed to whither away.

The courgette and cucumber seedlings are also looking beautifully healthy and seem to be more interested in watching the world outside …I must confess I am beginning to share their feelings with the sun shining!

Cucumber and courgette seedlings leaning to the sunlight

Well the soya bean seedlings are standing very majestically tall, proudly showing off their second and third true leaves …fingers crossed they don’t become too leggy before their journey to the outdoors.

Soya bean seedlings in the centre

You may have noticed that some of my seedlings are in plastic cups now …these are the tomato plants that had become ridiculously leggy and I simply could not resist transplanting them, I’m sure they are glad to be rehoused too!

The chilli seedlings are enjoying the warmth and a little tan from the sunshine on my kitchen windowsill. They are showing real promise and as soon as their set of true leaves are more established, I’ll be transplanting them ..I am already imagining fresh chillies!

Chilli seedlings sunbathing on my kitchen windowsill

The two varieties of basil are making their mark now by showing their beautiful baby leaves. This is my first time growing basil from seed so it feels very exciting to follow their growth from the tiny seeds I planted just a few weeks ago. Dreaming the basil flavour ..!

Both basil varieties loving their position on my kitchen windowsill

The icing on the top are the cherry tomato seedlings that emerged from the seeds I saved last year and planted in a recycled mushroom tub! They are looking pretty strong and healthy and I will be transplanting them very soon.

Cherry tomato seedlings with their emerging set of true leaves

Now just hoping for a few more days of sunshine so I can start on preparing the raised beds outside for the waiting young audience!

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