Growing flowers – plant French Marigolds from seeds

Lots of seedlings in a green plastic tub which have long green leaves in the sun

Growing your own flowers like the French Marigolds can be very rewarding. French Marigolds bring such vibrant colour to your outdoor space. Here in the UK, the vibrant orange hues of these robust French Marigolds can easily brighten up any garden, balcony or window box in the summer! I particularly like to grow these as […]

Homegrown Potatoes – grow easily in a small space

lots of white potatoes next to some uprooted stems with leaves. these are all lying on some dark soil in a wheelbarrow with a pair of gloves.

Homegrown potatoes are delicious and this is a great reason for growing them! Growing potatoes is easy even if you have a small outdoor space. This could be a tiny balcony, patio or garden. Traditionally, potatoes have been grown in the ground and still are where space allows. However, I use bags for planting my […]

Sowing seeds indoors – chillies and tomatoes

nine little seedlings with two baby leaves each in a plastic pot in a green tray. there are more plastic pots with similar seedlings all on a windowsill.

Sowing seeds indoors has become a tradition for the months before spring even begins! This is particularly so for chillies and tomatoes. I like to sow these seeds early so that the chillies and tomatoes have time to ripen in the summer heat. Sowing chilli seeds indoors I have had great success growing chillies in […]