Planning for Spring

So exciting to plan this year’s spring planting! Last year I tried kitchen gardening using raised beds and I was so pleased with my harvests and the whole experience that I can’t wait to start again.

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This year I have picked up The City Grower by Matt Franks as my guide to developing my kitchen garden. As I am based in an urban area with my plot in my back garden, I have found some really helpful information on considering watering throughout the growing season, particularly the very hot and dry spells, building simple planters by using recycled materials, easy composting and general maintenance.

I am totally bought by his recommendations for companion planting which helps keep the main crop pest free and uses space efficiently when you have a small plot. Guidance is delivered very rationally and Matt Franks’ tone is very down to earth (no pun intended!), which makes reading very easy and enjoyable!

Pointers I will be applying to my kitchen garden:

  • Rotating the crops around – planting spinach and chard where the beans grew and vice versa
  • Planting nasturtiums on the edges of the raised beds to attract the aphids away from the vegetables
  • More herbs in the raised beds to increase pollinators like bees
  • Have a go at growing comfrey to make my own liquid feed for the vegetable plants
  • Add more planters particularly on the sunny patio to grow tomatoes and chillies; using straw or hay in the planter as Matt Frank suggests.

So if you are short of space and feel you have very little time to grow any vegetables then try this book for size!

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