Mary Berry’s Butternutsquash Soup

Mary Berry has always been one of my firm favourites for a range of cakes and other baked goodies and so picking up her book with lots of savoury dishes was a simple case of curiosity. Foolproof Cooking is a wonderful collection of easy to make meals, including breads, nibbles and desserts.

What I truly enjoy about Mary Berry’s recipes is that they are simple to follow, does not assume that you are a proficient cook, which is very good if you are starting your culinary adventures in the kitchen or simply want treat yourself or your guests. Her recipes I have found are reliable and truly inspiring!


One recipe that really caught my attention was the Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. Now until this point, I had only tried this squash cooked as an accompaniment to a main meal. Mary Berry advocates roasting butternut squash to bring out its flavour and I truly agree here that the earthy sweetness is intensified by the oven cooking making it more flavoursome.

The most difficult part of making this soup is peeling the butternut squash as it has a very hard skin and then cutting it into small pieces. If this is a problem, as Mary Berry suggests, ready prepared squash can be bought or a young butternut squash should be used.

The rest is a doddle …the butternut squash is roasted with red pepper, onion, carrots and seasoning. Once the vegetables are cooked, they are whizzed with some vegetable stock. Mary Berry uses fresh ginger which I truly love, but I also added sage from my garden as the flavours marry well.


As my friend Jeanette suggested, I served the butternut squash soup with apple croutons lightly cooked in a little butter with some sage leaves … just an eating apple and no more as this balances the sweet earthy soup with its lovely tang …delicious!! A truly wholesome and comforting soup, try it today!


I will also be trying out her ten-minute tomato soup, olive and herb soda bread which does not contain yeast so no need to prove it and the toasted nuts and seeds with maple … cannot wait to make these!

Some really great recipes that are not time consuming, thank you so much Mary Berry for Foolproof Cooking!


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