Less is so much more!

January brings you just the opportunity to begin again and set your resolutions! As the weather is too cold for any work in the garden, I have more time to work indoors.  I’m not sure about you but I find myself so surrounded by ‘stuff’ that this month I have decided my focus is going to be on decluttering. I have started in the kitchen because I want to make breakfast without spending too much time looking for ingredients in the cupboards. I have a preference for Sistema tubs as they are Phthalate and BPA free.

Dry fruit is now stored in clear, easy to open tubs
Nuts and dry fruit in one place which allows for a quicker breakfast!

This simple step is helping me and my family save so much time in the mornings and need I say cut the frustration!

I have found Marie Kondo who has written two books very inspiring. In her first book ‘Life Changing Magic of Tidying’ Marie Kondo emphasises the need to declutter our home to find focus in our lives as this helps us to appreciate what we do have. She recommends that this kind of major tidying should be done when we are alone to allow conversation with ourselves and offers very practical advice on how dealing with a category, and not a room, at a time gives a more effective result. There is a whole range of areas that are discussed which include books, magazines, groceries and particularly sentimental mementos which are the hardest to let go of. The author’s advice on how to deal with this emotional nostalgia and appreciating the now and living in the moment is very commendable, especially in a world where we acquire a lot of things.

The second book ‘Spark Joy’ offers a very practical and detailed ‘Kon Marie Method’ to guide us in organising every area of our home. Perhaps you may be a very organised and tidy person … I thought I was till I read this book! Clutter happens due to procrastination which in itself has deeper reasons. Marie Kondo suggests addressing these issues first and in particular material things that we have collected over time. Overall,  the author makes a very strong case for organising all your living areas  by dealing with ‘stuff’ that we have been gathering so that it results in a design that brings you happiness and focus, hence the title, ‘Spark Joy’!

Beautifully engaging with very practical ideas, I love her style! Treat yourself to Marie Kondo’s books for a new and better you this New Year! I have started with breakfast, where shall I move to next?

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  1. Finally had time to read this Hema and am loving the blog! We are just about to open again for the season and have been wanting to try and make my own granola so thanks ! I also bought book a couple of years ago – Life Changing Magic of tidying – and loved it BUT just haven’t had time to do it yet !

    1. That’s great Julia! Yes the granola recipe is very useful as it’s quick and you can make it to your own taste. I hope you will have time this year to set aside for Marie Kondo’s advice as you will find it makes life so much simpler and easier!

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