Honey So Local

I am very fond of local produce and when I heard about a market in Ruislip, I had to visit it! This is the Foodies Market that takes place on the first Sunday of every month at Manor Farm.

I had the opportunity to visit this market on the first Sunday of June and was I in for a treat! There were homemade jams, preserves, sauces, varieties of cheeses, pies, freshly made wraps and I could just go on and on …

The stand that caught my eye and reeled me in was the honey one! The Beehouse Honey Company is owned by Ian, who was very happy to explain how he collects honey from his 150 hives while running market stalls such as this one. Beekeeping started as a hobby for Ian and it soon became apparent that he needed to leave his day job for the love of his life, the bees! The honey is locally produced and raw which means it has not been heated to process it and still containing the flower pollen in it.

Ian with the finest local raw honey that I have come across

You can easily be lost for choice as there is a great variety of honey on offer. I found the smaller bottles such a treasure because I could buy a selection of them!

Such a variety of local raw honey on offer

Just had to have a taste of all the honey of course with the little spoons, how can I resist!

Handy little spoons to taste the range of local honey

One of my favourites was the Meadow Flower Honey which was pale in colour but had a rounded floral flavour, just beautiful!

Meadow flower honey was one of my favourites

My lovely stash which I had to bring home were the Meadowflower, Wildflower and Thousand Flower Honey, yum!

Meadowflower, Wildflower and Thousand Flower Honey

With honey comes the wax of course and it was no surprise to see the many handmade candles on offer, ranging from the little to the large and in assorted shapes!

Ian’s beautiful handmade candles

What a wonderful find!

In addition to the Foodies, Duck Pond Market also hosts Artisans at the following venues so if you are fond of markets like I am, check out the following links:

I am now looking forward to visiting the Ruislip Artisan Market very soon, see you there!

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