Food Festival This Summer

When I heard about a food festival taking place in Hampshire, I couldn’t have bought those tickets sooner! On a bright Saturday morning in August, my husband and I made our way to Leckford Estate in Stockbridge where Waitrose had promised a showcase of British produce alongside a variety of events and celebrity chefs. I was so excited to attend this event!

The grounds were vast, with a range of workshops, demonstration zones and we received a very warm welcome at the gates. I was attracted to the Cookery Demo Stage where Atul Kochhar, a twice Michelin star chef was scheduled to show how he prepared his British Indian food. Atul was engaging and explained with such clarity how food from India differed according to regions while preparing a spiced chicken dish and flatbreads from scratch.

Atul Kocchar preparing flatbreads while engaging the audience with his witty humour

For me however, The Kitchen Table was a real hit! This was organised by Silvana Franco, Waitrose Food editor, and it had a real personal touch where the guest spoke to the audience around a large table … much like guests in our own home.

So meeting some of my foodie heroes in this very up, close and personal setting was something I perhaps had only dreamed of! First was Ching He Huang, who has always brought gorgeous Chinese cuisine to life and inspired mine and now my daughter’s cooking. So enthusiastic and warm, such a precious moment and one that I will always treasure!

The very enthusiastic Ching He Huang chatting with us at The Kitchen Table, organised by Silvana Franco, on the left

This was topped up by The Happy Pear, two Irish brothers who have a fun and lively approach in their campaign for everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables! Such a joy to meet them in person, their competitive nature adds such humour to their bubbly storytelling as they prepare three types of hummus for us to taste, yum!

The Happy Pear, brothers Dave and Steve making three types of hummus for us to taste

A wonderful day on Leckford Estate and such memorable moments!

I do hope that next year more local vegetables and fruits will be promoted with a greater variety of vegetarian meals available for everyone to taste and enjoy.

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