Beautiful Borough Market …

I had the good fortune to visit Borough Market in central London today and must say it was very heartwarming to see so many artisan stalls offering a variety of ingredients that were fresh, organic and very skillfully produced.

One which I found myself gravitating towards was the Oliveology stall which sells the most beautifully flavoured organic olive oils.


Small chunks of bread are offered for you to freely dip into the oils to taste and experience the wonderful flavours.


I was truly taken by the organic extra virgin olive oil infused with walnuts, rosemary and fennel …fabulous and one I can truly recommend!


Another product I was impressed with and bought was the pure grape molasses called Petimezi in Greece, which tasted deeply fruity – one to try when you visit Oliveology next time you are at Borough Market. It does not contain any additives or added sugar and is made from Agiorgitiko grapes, making it a completely natural sweetener.


Oliveology have an online presence where you can browse and order your choices … but it is oh so wholesome to be able to taste, smell and feel the products that are presented and be able to talk to sellers who are so enthusiastic about their goods! So far removed from supermarket shelves that we often have to choose from. This was especially true for the fresh fruits and vegetables that are such a feast for the eye!


From colourful tomatoes …


to the tasty citrus family.

A fantastic inspiration to cook and eat fresh produce if you ever needed one!

There was also a range of producers selling freshly baked breads, pasties, spices, herbs and a variety of cheeses that you could sample before being tempted to buy some. So the next time you are in London, pop into this vibrant market to gather ingredients and inspiration to cook and eat wholesome meals!

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