About me

Hi, I’m Hema and welcome to my blog!

I live in north London with my family and I grow a variety of herbs, salads, vegetables and fruits in my back garden. I have 4 raised beds, some patio planters and pots plus recently an unheated greenhouse.  I grew up enjoying fresh vegetables and fruits from the market. However, I became frustrated at not being able to shop like this where I live and that motivated me to start my own little market garden! I decided to share my experiences of learning to grow my own vegetables to inspire all new gardeners through this blog with live updates and conversations on my Instagram account!

I grew up in Zambia where my mum grew a lot of the greens we ate and having a childhood filled with fresh produce has given me the confidence to try to grow my vegetables. With my young children, I tried to grow carrots, lettuce and sweetcorn but had many misadventures with the heavy clay in my garden with a whole host of slugs! Raised beds have been a revelation for me and vegetable gardening had been a very successful venture ever since.

I love volunteering in my local community projects where I enjoy sharing experiences and skills!  I love to inspire people to become confident in growing their own greens for a healthier lifestyle as well as contributing to a more sustainable future.  So I invite you to join me as you learn how to start your own green patch!