About me

Hi, I’m Hema and welcome to my blog!

I live in north London with my husband and two children and love to cook, bake and experiment with new and familiar ingredients. I have always enjoyed visiting markets to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and frustrated at not having one near me has motivated me to start my own little market in my garden! I started with 2 small raised beds and was so impressed with the fresh vegetables I was able to harvest that I have added more raised beds to grow a greater variety of vegetables. I decided to start blogging to share my experiences of learning to grow my own vegetables as well as using these fresh wholesome ingredients to cook delicious meals.

I grew up in Zambia where my mum grew a lot of the greens we ate and having a childhood filled with fresh produce has given me the confidence to try to grow my vegetables. With my young children, I tried to grow carrots, lettuce and sweetcorn but had many misadventures with the heavy clay in my garden and a long trail of slugs! Raised beds have been a revelation and vegetable gardening had been a successful venture ever since.

I love volunteering in my local community projects and really appreciate sharing experiences with my Instagram gardening family! I love to inspire people to become confident in growing their own greens for a healthier lifestyle as well as contributing to a more sustainable future.  Join me to learn how to start your own green patch!